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Remove Scabs and Crust From Scalp

scab and crust removal after hair transplant
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Washing Instructions

Starting from the third day post-hair transplantation, the emergence of white crusts and scabs on the scalp is a typical part of the healing journey. These crusts, while protective of the new grafts, adhere tightly to the skin and do not shed immediately. Managing these crusts carefully is essential to safeguard the newly implanted follicles and promote optimal healing and growth.

By the 11th day, it’s time to begin a gentle massage routine on a moist scalp to assist in the shedding of these crusts. Given that the hair roots are not yet firmly seated, it is critical to massage with minimal pressure to avoid any damage. The goal is to have all crusts removed by the 13th day, setting the stage for a healthy scalp that nurtures the new hair follicles.

Oil-based massages should be avoided until after the tenth day since oils can hinder the natural crust shedding process and potentially disrupt the scalp’s healing environment.

To ensure that you are properly following the crust removal process and to take advantage of our lifetime hair transplant guarantee, it is crucial to contact our post-op department once the crusts have been removed. Sending photos of your scalp to our team for evaluation is a key step. You can reach out via email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp by clicking on this link: WhatsApp +90 546 903 20 26. This professional oversight confirms that the crust removal has been effectively completed and safeguards the success of your transplant, activating your lifetime guarantee for continued support on your hair journey.

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Removing Hair Scabs After Hair Transplant in 5 Steps:

Leave spray for 45 Minutes


Spray is used to cover only the transplantation area.
hair spray to use after
Leave spray for 45 Minutes
Massage by finger tips


After 45 minutes, while rinsing, massage from inside to outside and from outside to inside.
Massage by finger tips
Bubble the shampoo


Pour shampoo into the palm of your hand and froth with water. Then apply the shampoo using the same massage movements above.
hair shampoo
Bubble the shampoo
Dry with cotton towel


Rinse the shampoo in warm water and dry your hair with a normal cotton towel.
Dry with cotton towel
Send your photos


After removing all scabs, you should send us your hair photos by whatsapp or email.
Send your photos
fito cream

Fito Cream must be used on donor area!

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