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Views from Contracted Clinic: Sule Clinic

Sule Clinic: Where Innovation Meets Quality - A Tour with UK Influencer Freddie Bentley

Freddie Bentley Takes You Inside Sule Clinic: A Tour of Excellence
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Based in Istanbul, our intermediary organization, Sule Hair Transplant, has rapidly become a preferred choice for people from all over the world seeking the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Sule Hair Transplant operates as an intermediary, directing patients to Şule Clinic.

Together with Şule Clinic and other clinics we collaborate with, we have guided over 13,000 patients on their hair transplantation journey. Throughout this period, we have closely monitored the transformation processes of these patients.

The patients we direct provide feedback on the internet, sharing their satisfaction. These feedbacks are a reflection of our meticulous and ethical approach during the referral process.

photo of sule clinic from outside view

Our Vision

As an intermediary, Sule Hair Transplant collaborates with SULE CLINIC and other partners that provide high professionalism in the field of hair transplantation. Our vision is to become the first intermediary name that comes to mind both domestically and internationally when “Turkish excellence in health services” and “hair transplantation” are mentioned.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make informed referrals in the hair transplantation industry to ensure patients receive the best service. We commit to offering our patients a reliable, positive, and satisfying consultancy experience.

Innovative Hair Transplant Center of the Year Award

Presented by Luna Media and Ratel Media, in this awards ceremony, ŞULE HAIR Clinic, crowned as the ‘Innovative Hair Transplant Center of the Year’, has its founder, Şule Ölmez, sharing the emotional story behind their success. Join us for this special moment and witness how innovative approaches in the industry lead to great achievements!

Innovative Hair Transplant in Turkey of the Year Award
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