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First Washing After Hair Transplant

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It is very important that you take the necessary steps to care for your new hair after having a hair transplant in Turkey. Whether it’s a FUE hair transplant, afro hair transplant, beard transplant or any of our other hair transplant procedures, it’s crucial to make sure you take the right precautions to protect your hair and scalp after an operation.

Washing Instructions

Following hair transplantation, a hair care kit will be given to you. This kit contains a unique shampoo and spray that must be used to wash hair. Our hair transplant experts will perform the initial wash in a hospital setting 48 hours following the procedure. A brief washing training will be offered to patients with limited time who must depart for their native country 48 hours in advance.

Hair Washing in 4 Steps:

The following 4 steps should be repeated daily for 13 days until the white scabs, and blood remains are removed.

Leave spray for 45 Minutes


Spray is used to cover only the transplantation area.
hair spray to use after
Leave spray for 45 Minutes
Rinse the foam


After 45 minutes, carefully rinse the foam with water. The water should be gentle and the pressure should be low.
Rinse the foam
Bubble the shampoo


After rinsing the foam, pour shampoo into your palms and froth with water. Massage the donor region with bubbling shampoo.
hair shampoo
Bubble the shampoo
Dry with paper towel


Dry your hair by tapping lightly with a soft paper towel.
paper towel to dry head
Dry with paper towel
fito cream

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