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Hair Transplant Surgery Pre-Op Instructions

Hair Transplant in Turkey is an excellent way to enhance your appearance and regain your confidence. If you know what to expect before, during, and after your hair transplant operation, You can reduce fears and worries of the unknown.

  1. The patient must shower and wash the scalp with shampoo on the morning of the procedure.
  2. Have a light breakfast. If you do not like having breakfast, try to eat cereal with toast bread and butter and fruit juice. A large non-diet muffin works, too.
  3. Do not drink caffeinated coffee, tea or soda on the morning of your visit. If you have special dietary, please bring your own food.
  4. Stop taking ALCOHOL 3 days before your surgery.
  5. Stop taking aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin (or other such products) 3 days before your operation. Tylenol is acceptable.
  6. No vitamins, multivitamins, or drinks with high vitamin contents like “power drinks”. Also, avoid “power bars” starting 2 days before the procedure.
  7.  Bring a clean button-down shirt to wear before and after the operation. We do not want to let anything to touch newly transplanted grafts because they are not stable yet.
  8. Stop running, lifting weights, and doing other heavy exercises five days before your procedure.
  9. Suppose you are using a hair system (wig). Please take it out before the day of operation.
  10. Keep taking the medication you usually take, unless one of our doctors advises you otherwise. If you need a medical permit from your doctor, have us make a copy before your procedure day.
  11. If you have diabetes, please inform us in advance.
  12. If you have HIV or Hepatitis, please inform us in advance. Because before starting the operation, we have to do a blood test.
  13. Do not shorten your hair or beard. Make sure the length is 4 mm at least.

Brief Explanations of Above

After all these strict and boring instructions, it can be hard to believe that a hair transplant operation at Sule Hair Transplant Clinic is easy and fun. Typically, patients are picked up from our contracted 5-star luxury hotel at 7:15 in the morning by our VIP vehicles and brought to the hospital. The procedure continues with a blood test and then a consultation with the doctor. During the surgery, patients wear regular clothes (we suggest a buttoned-shirt as it is comfortable to wear and take off), take a break to stretch or go to the toilet. We serve lunch at the hospital during a break. After the operation, patients are kept for observation and then taken back to the hotel by our vehicles.

Why should you stay away from alcohol and aspirin before Hair Transplantation?

The reason we do not allow patients to take aspirin products or alcohol is that they thin the blood.

Can I do exercises before hair transplant operation?

Running and heavy exercise just before the hair transplant operation can similarly thin the blood differently and is therefore prohibited.

Am I allowed to eat before the hair transplant operation?

Many patients opting for hair transplantation prefer sedation to ensure a painless procedure. Thus, those choosing sedation should abstain from eating and drinking for at least 8 hours before the operation. However, to ensure the comfort of the patients, lunch will be provided during the procedure.

What should I wear during the hair transplant operation?

We use large amounts of sterile water and disinfectant during the process. If they get on your clothes, it will stain them. So it’s not a good idea to come to our office on the day of the operation in a nice suit or a favourite shirt, grab an old shirt and worn jeans that you find comfortable and go downstairs.

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