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Justin Bieber Hair Transplant: Justin’s Hairline Overview

Sharing a photo of Justin Bieber without a hat after wearing a hat for a long time made the hairline visible and showed that some of the symptoms of hair loss were reduced. This caused many people to ask themselves, “Did Justin Bieber have a hair transplant?” So, we decided to look closely at Justin’s hairline, starting with that question.

Justin Bieber hair transplant before after

Symptoms of Hair Loss and Androgenic Alopecia

Justin Bieber's norwood scale

As we mentioned earlier, Justin first began showing symptoms of androgenic alopecia in 2017. First, there were signs of frontotemporal hair loss, which reminds me of an androgenic type of alopecia. In 2018, Norwood looked like 2 and started using dreadlocks in 2021. We argued that such tight hairstyles could sometimes result in traction alopecia and that when they removed the dreadlocks, they could use hiding products at the corners of the hairline, but there was no sign of hair growth then. 

traction alopecia

Hats and Hidden Techniques in 2022

In 2022, Justin wore a hat for most of the year. Could he be hiding something? He’s started using two different techniques to close the corners of the hairline. The first is to scratch the frontal scalp hair to the corners of the hairline, and the second is to use products like hair powder for camouflage. These techniques may have been used to hide the appearance of a study in that area. I estimate that by the end of 2021 or early 2022, Justin may have planted a hair in the frontal temporal areas. This may be an FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure, which means taking individual grafts from the back of the hair skin. Post-FUE traces can be hidden quite well. Approximately 1,000 to 1,400 grafts may have been taken during the procedure. In addition, the “No Shave” technique may have been used, where the grafts are taken only by cutting off the hair you plan to transfer, without shaving the entire hair skin. 

Justin Bieber’s 2017 Hairline

Hair  Transplantation Efficiency and FUE Method

As far as February 2023 is concerned, the hairline seems less strained, but the density is not the same as the old hair. This is quite normal for hair transplant surgeries, and additional procedures can be performed to increase density. This does not mean a hair transplant failure; the surgical intensity during a hair transplant usually differs from the original intensity. Building a hairline with small procedures often makes the work less noticeable, especially for someone like Justin, who doesn’t want it to be too pronounced. It is also considered a way to perform hair transplant procedures more safely because it prevents excessive graft from the back of the hair skin or overload to the receiving area, which reduces risks such as necrosis and non-survival of hair. 

justin bieber 2023 hairline

Justin Bieber’s 2023 Hairline

The fact that Justin Bieber is starting to show his hair again shows signs of changes in the hairline and the frontal temporal regions. A marked decline was observed in the front temporal regions, especially when it was screened at the 2022 Super Bowl. Afterward, Justin began to wear a hat and often hide his hair, making it difficult to assess his hair condition. Changes in the hairline have led to speculation that she may have had a hair transplant, as it usually takes one and a half years for the results of a hair transplant.

Changes After Hair Transplantation 2024

Recent photographs show that the corners of the hairline are more flat and untouched. When the hair is wet, the regularity in these areas becomes more pronounced, hinting that a hair transplant may have been done. In hair cultivation, 1200 to 1800 grafts may be required to fill the frontal-temporal areas, especially. 

Justin Bieber Hair Transplant 2024
Justin Bieber Hair 2024

During hairline design, it is preferable to avoid reducing the hairline to a completely straight line because if hair loss progresses over time, such a straight line may not look natural. However, some patients may require this type of hairline. The hair transplanting results must reflect personal preferences, but it should also be considered to provide a natural and time-resistant appearance.

Results and Speculation

These changes in Justin Bieber’s hairline suggest that he may have undergone a hair transplant, but as there is no precise information, such assessments remain speculative. Even if the hair transplant has been done, the results aressful and natural. 

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