Things To Be Noted After Hair Transplantation

Things To Be Noted After Hair Transplantation


coraspin 100 mg 30 enterik kapli tablet


1 X After Breakfast
After hair transplantation, aspirin is used to dilute the blood. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body, including the scalp. Blood circulation nourishes the transplanted hair from the root, resulting in healthier hair growth. One of the advantages of aspirin for hair is this.



1x after breakfast, 1x after dinner (at intervals of 12 hours)
You'll have micro-wounds on your scalp in both the recipient and donor locations after a FUE hair transplant. They are sensitive to invasion by microorganisms that can cause infection since they are open for a period of time until they heal and seal.
A healthy immune system responds appropriately to these external invasions. However, an infection following a hair transplant is quite unusual. It might spread over the scalp.


PAROL (painkiller)

It should be used only if the patient feels pain. (at intervals of 6 hours)
If you're in pain following surgery, the answer to the question "do you have to take medicine after hair transplant" is yes. Pain is a frequent after effect of surgery and should subside after a few days.



Use this cream 3 times per day, starting from the second day after
the operation. Apply on the donor area only. It helps fast recover of the donor area.


Prednol 16 mg

Anti-swelling medications are provided because patients frequently have swelling following hair transplantation, which can interfere with regular functioning. The tablets also aid with the body's inflammatory response (which is one cause of swelling).
Take this medicine for 6 days after lunch
1st day : 3x at once,
2nd day: 3x at once,
3th day :2x at once,
4th day : 2x at once ,
5th day : 1x tablet,
6th day : 1x tablet



The patients should sleep with a neck pillow during 10 days, by lying straight on face up position, without turning right or left.



The vitamins start to get used on the 11th day after the operation. They should be taken 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Important Care Information After Hair Transplant in Turkey