This procedure is done to ensure and beautify the harmony between the gums, lips and teeth.
This procedure is the preferred method for solving shape, congenital and functional problems. It is used for the correction of broken, twisted, crooked and broken teeth which cannot be corrected by whitening teeth. This process not only provides an aesthetic appearance but also fills the empty spaces between teeth, eliminating chewing problems.

How Hollywood Smile Works

Because the teeth are very important for a person’s appearance, the Hollywood Smile process needs to be designed for each person. The design should be made considering the following points.

  • The frontal teeth position.
  • The size of the teeth.
  • The shape and color of the teeth.
  • The gum appearance.

The purpose of the Hollywood Smile operation is to bring the front teeth to the forefront and make them visible. The front teeth should be brought into the visible position while talking. The gum needs to be reshaped. Ideally, the gum should appear 2 cm during the speaking.

hollywood smile 2

Who is A Good Candidate for Hollywood Smile?

People who do not have severe health problems or severe problems in the gums can enter the Hollywood Smile operation. It is very important to do this after the gums have been treated. Because for those with pink and healthy gums, this operation gives outstanding results. This procedure should be started with the approval of the doctor.

Three Types of Materials used in Hollywood Smile

1 – Porcelain: This type of crowns, whose primary material is porcelain, is more durable than composite resin crowns. They also have a more natural appearance and do not stain.

2 – Composite Resin: It is easy and quick to apply and less expensive than porcelain.

3 – Zirconium: If there are empty spaces between your teeth or if some of your teeth are broken, this method is recommended to use zirconium coating. Because zirconium allows light transmission, it gives results close to natural teeth. 

According to your doctor’s advice and budget, treatment starts using one of the above materials.

Before & After Hollywood Smile

Pre-operative teeth are examined by 3D scanning or X-RAY. This review identifies all existing problems and solutions. Then the teeth are designed.

During Hollywood Smile

This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Duration is approximately 30 minutes to two hours depending on the material used and other details. If porcelain is used, the surface of the teeth and the enamel should be cleaned and a layer of 0.5 mm thick should be removed from the front surface of the tooth. The UV light then adds the designed layer to the tooth surface.

The composite resin requires less time than porcelain, then it is installed by UV light by adding layers of composite resin on the tooth. This operation can often be performed without anesthesia. First, when using zirconium, the teeth are minimized, and then the designed layer that fits the patient is added. Finally, the teeth are whitened and the Hollywood Smile is real.

After Hollywood Smile

After the procedure, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital. However, the following points should be considered by the patient:

After the operation, it is necessary not to apply pressure to the teeth because they are very fragile.

The doctor may recommend a specially designed plastic dental protector specifically for use during sleep. In this scenario, the patient must follow the instructions of the doctor.

There is no need for special care for the teeth, but the mouth should be kept clean. Teeth is to be washed on a daily basis.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile operations in Turkey is made of high quality at a very affordable price. Compared to other European countries, materials of the same brand are made in high-tech hospitals. Turkey is the center of cosmetic surgery, and millions of patients come from all European countries.

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