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What is Hair Transplant?

It has always been an important fact to have healthy hair for a better look and self-confidence as it impacts it and social life.

Several factors affect hair growth and strength and induce hair loss at an early age, as an example, one in three people may have a predicted baldness at some stage, according to recent research, 25 percent of men start experiencing hair loss at age 20.

The Hair Transplantation takes place in the operating room. Hair Transplant operation is a microsurgical procedure and must be operated in the hospital environment. Istanbul is the place for people who want to have hair transplant operation safely. 

Should I have a hair transplant operation?

Due to hormonal reasons, it’s normal for a male to lose their hair, Hair roots that cannot experience adequate hormonal nutrition are shed and cause opening and baldness over time. The beak usually starts from the front and continues to the summits or only on the tops. For women hair transplantation can be performed to replicate the dilated hair or to refine the hair spilled, After the examination it becomes clear if the hair transplant is needed, and for the case of women, it can be done with no necessity to cut hair short. The hair transplant operation is applied to men and women over 22 years old, the specialist can define whether the person can have or not this intervention and also the technique to apply due to hair structure and genetic characteristics.

Stages of Hair Transplantation By FUE Technique

  • Genetic factors,
  • scalp problems such as ringworm, other chronic disorders,
  • thyroid problems, complications of hair loss medications,
  • metabolic problems, inadequate hair care,
  • iron-deficiency anaemia,
  • mental and neural illnesses such as anxiety-unbalanced eating,
  • poor in nutrients,
  • menopause,
  • pregnancy and post-natal hormonal disorders for girls,

You may have one of the problems mentioned above causing hair loss for women as men. While some of these temporary, some might be permanent. Considering hair transplant operation, consulting a hair specialist for professional help is crucial. The hair that develops in the natural hair cycle over some time is reduced by discoloration. And this is how the natural hair cycle continues. Your hair will be lost all day long and will be replaced. It’s normal to lose 100 hair strands every day, but in some places, there are more than 100 spills and holes are a sign of a problem.

There are many ways in which hair loss can be avoided. However, if applied effectively, the most efficient and satisfying solution among them is hair transplantation.

FUE Technique

The removal of the follicular system is the process by which hair grafts are removed from the donor area and then inserted on the bald areas using a specialized instrument. Since 2006, the FUE technique is the most advanced method. The advantages of this technique, such as the easy and fast application of hair culture. This has made it more accessible than the older FUT technique. The grafts are taken with a unique donor area device and implanted with special inserts in channels around 0.7/0.8 mm, and these grafts can contain cells of 2 or 3 packs, the number of transplant recipients can be 12,000 removed on the 5,000 unit. The root can be taken simultaneously without slicing or banding.

FUE Technique Advantages

  • Roots recover from 24 to 48 hours,
  • Easier and faster,
  • No loss of texture and feel.
  • No incision process and no sewing required,
  • It can also be used for beard, moustache and eyebrow transplantation in addition to hair transplant grafts taken from the neck,
  • The faster recovery process, 
  • lack of pain after surgery due to the minimal incision.
FUE Technique

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE is similar to the FUE technique except the blade used in operation. During transplantation, a sapphire blade is used to open scalp channels instead of razor or metal.

Follicles are extracted at the first stage of hair transplantation and transplanted into the channels opened with the sapphire blades. Due to its effect on the hair growth rate, angle, and direction, opening the channels is the most critical part of the hair transplant process. The grafts may be removed without touching the outside due to the thin opening of sapphire blades.

The other advantages of sapphire blades as follows:

  • Allows more dense hair transplantation,
  • Reduce the risk of complications,
  • Allows creating a natural-looking appearance,
  • Provides a shorter healing time.
Sapphire FUE

DHI Technique

The most common approach today, Direct Hair Implantation, briefly known as the DHI technique, is placed individually collected grafts with a unique transplant instrument, the CHOI PEN, which ranges from 0.6 mm to 1 mm thick. The procedure is carried out for other approaches at two distinct stages, unlike with DHI, both with the simultaneous extraction and implantation. Hair shall be cut at a certain length, and the line should be drawn, the grafts are carefully extracted without damage after the optimum angle is determined, and slits found in the area to the implant are made. Unlike the previous ones, no holes or cuts are required for this method, and this process lasts longer compared to them, making it necessary for patient and doctor to be more cautious; the price is also higher due to multi-tools. 

DHI Technique

Advantages of DHI Technique

  • Unshaven operations are possible
  • Fast healing
  • Healthier hair because grafts are taken and implanted directly
  • Dense and lush hair due to the possibility of more root transplants
  • No scars remain
  • The angles are easily determined

Disadvantages of DHI Technique

  • Physicians and staff are subject to a long-term training period to specialize in the use of this technique.
  • In general, it is more expensive than other methods of hair transplantation.
  • This approach needs to be given more considerable attention and accuracy during the process.

Hair Transplant for Women

Only men do not suffer from hair loss. According to statistics, twenty percent of women have hair loss problems. For women, appearance is more important than men, because hair loss adversely affects the appearance and causes loss of self-confidence.

If you are facing a very intense hair loss that affects your aesthetic appearance; You can request a free consultation by contacting a hair transplant specialist. Do not forget that the exact solution is achieved with the latest hair transplantation techniques!

Causes of Women Hair Loss

While dilutions are less noticeable in women than men, they affect women more psychologically. Genetic factors, including stress, age, various illnesses, seasonal shifts and hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth can result in a male-type hair loss in women. Some problems may be corrected by pharmacotherapy for the elimination of the cause, but the hair transplant surgery for women is the most definitive solution.

Hair transplantation surgery, which is common only to men, can also be successfully performed in women. The procedure is carried out in male patients with the usual course of hair growth. However, hair transplantation is painful because the beak of female-type hair loss is evenly dispersed on the surface of the hair. And as it’s difficult, it should be applied in a very cautious way and performed according to the type of hair loss and the results obtained so far are all successful.

Am I a good candidate for Woman Hair Transplant?

The reasons for hair loss should be determined before deciding on hair transplantation. If all the treatments are applied, and the problem cannot be solved, and hair loss starts to affect the external appearance negatively, the hair transplant specialist should be consulted. The hair transplant specialist makes the donor zone determination according to the preliminary examination and decides whether you are suitable for hair transplantation or not. For women with healthy donor zones and hair follicles, hair transplantation can be done in a healthy way.

If one of the following problems is present in women hair transplantation can be done.

  • If you have hair loss that is not caused by hormonal changes.
  • If you have hair loss caused by previous surgeries or cosmetic medications.
  • Hair loss in men similar to hair loss seen in women.
  • Hair loss due to wounds or burns.

How should I Plan my 4 Days Trip to Istanbul?

This timeline shows how a patient should plan his medical trip to Istanbul and leard the steps of hair transplant operation. Let’s say that a patient wants to have a hair transplant operation on the 2nd of January 2020. The arrival and departure dates and times should be planned, as explained in the following timeline.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
One of our airport guides will meet you at the meeting point for both Sabiha Gökçen and Istanbul Airport. They have the sign of our hospital which is "HR24" for SABIHA GÖKÇEN AIRPORT (SAW) and "SW39" for ISTANBUL AIRPORT. Our driver will take you to the Hotel and check-in. You should rest in your hotel or sightsee Istanbul for the rest of the day.
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Thursday, January 2, 2020
1. Consultation: This is the stage where the doctor develops the patient’s operation plan and creates the hairline design.
2. Preparation: This stage incorporates the processes of sterilizing the operation site and the application of local anesthetics.
3. Extraction: The process of extracting hair grafts from the donor area of the patient.
4. Recipient Site Creation: This is the process of creating recipient sites by following the direction of the existing terminal hairs.
5. Transplantation: This is the process of placing the grafts in recipient sites at right angles to hair direction.
Thursday, January 2, 2020
Friday, January 3, 2020
Postoperative Processes
This stage incorporates the processes of wound-dressing for the transplanted area and hair therapy to speed up the healing process of the operation site.
Friday, January 3, 2020
Saturday, January 4, 2020
Hair Wash & Departure
This is the washing process that is to be carried out for 15 days. Both the donor and the transplanted area will be sensitive during this period, so it important to carry out the washing process with extra care.
Saturday, January 4, 2020

Post-Surgery Instructions

After the operation, there is a long process to pursuit and the final result will be shown after 12 months of the intervention. In order to get the aimed one, patients should be careful and cautious to the following recommendations to prevent any complications:

The 2nd Day
The swelling and might increase and remain up to 4 days. Keep sleeping in an upright position to reduce swelling. Take your medications! Do not wash your hair! In the first days, the scalp should be kept dry for quick healing of wounds and for the loss of shells.
The 4th Day
Keep taking your medications! Wash your hair in the morning as we showed you before. The first 15 days after the operation should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it can damage the scalp and plant hair. If you need to go out during the day, the patient must protect his head, but must wear a hat that will not put pressure on the planting areas.
The 5th Day
Keep washing your hair with spray and shampoo given by the doctor. Do not forget to take your medications! You must use all the medicines every day to finish.
The 1st Week
Avoid extreme sports, excitement and stress. Normal sports can be practiced from now on. it is necessary to carefully use the medications and lotions recommended by the doctor. It is very important to keep the transplanted area clean and hygienic. Avoid excessive sweating and dust to prevent any infection.
3 - 4 Weeks
It is normal to spill much or all of the hair planted in the first 4-6 weeks. The planted hairs begin to emerge after 3-5 months, with a percentage of 80% at the end of the 7th month. Reaching the last sight can take up to 12-15 months.


Most frequent questions and answers about Hair Transplant

The cost depends on the type of hair and the procedures to be used; hence, the price can be calculated only after the examination of the doctor.

Hair transplantation is no longer a painful process because of the way it is performed today. Nonetheless, the doctor decides what a patient should use in the event of any discomfort because otherwise, it is not felt as it is applied under anaesthesia during the procedure.

The hair is washed during the first two days after transplantation, and bandages are made on the donor area. There is no discomfort, swelling or bleeding after the procedure, but in the transplant area, there will be crapping around the grafts. You will return to your healthy life after a few days of rest determined by your doctor.

You don’t have to stay at the hospital after hair transplant operation

We can take from other body parts, such as the hair if more grafts are required.

The head is often shaved in preparation for the FUE procedure. It’s possible to shave your head immediately after the procedure, but it’s probably best to wait for three weeks. The appearance of the shaved donor region can depend on a procedure’s total number of FUE grafts. FUE removes intact follicular from the donor region. This will result in less follicular units. When 25% of the follicular units are withdrawn from the donor area, this will leave gaps in the donor area where follicular units have been removed in an attempt to transfer them to the top. However, the number 1 guard will hide these gaps. You can clip to number one at any time after the FUE procedure.

Indeed, our institution issues a guarantee certificate after hair transplantation.

Sure, patients will return immediately after the procedure to their daily lives.

Yes, hair transplantation can be performed in women as well as in men. After some tests, it can be performed using precise techniques, because the surgery is performed differently and depending on the type and shape of the hair.

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Stephen Street
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Armen Vardanyan
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Chris Burrows
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