What is Beard Transplant?

Masculine appearance’s most important key is the thick beard which gives a sense of self-confidence. Beard is a cultural symbol of men displaying themselves in different forms. Falling beards or no-grown beards affect men’s social lives. Genetic factors, various diseases, injuries and wounds may cause beard loss or void. The most effective solution for solving these issues is to have a Beard Transplant.
Beard Transplant is the same as Hair Transplant, and the follicles are taken from another part of the body. Under local anaesthesia, Beard Transplant is a painless process, and it allows you to get a natural and aesthetic appearance. This procedure, which gives fruitful results for people who do not have a beard, is performed by expert doctors and staff. As in Hair Transplant procedure, Turkey is on the list of the best countries to make it, thanks to the latest technologies.

Causes of Beard Loss

Beard loss causes aesthetic discomfort and leads to social and psychological problems. Many factors affect the beard’s quality and cause it to fall.

  • Hormone disorders.
  • Deficiency in testosterone.
  • Wounds and bruises.
  • Various skin diseases.
  • Genetic factors.

If your beard is falling, consult your specialist first to determine the cause of the fall. Hormonal disorders and metabolic disorders, in particular, have a significant effect on the beard. If the beard loss is permanent, Beard Transplant is the most effective solution for a thick beard with a natural appearance.

Beard Transplant Procedure

  • People who lost much of their beards because of injuries or burns.
  • People who don’t have facial hair for inherited reasons.
  • People with a beard that is inconsistent.
  • People who want to change their beard’s shape.
  • People suffering beard loss.
  • Beard transplant may take place for those who have reached puberty.

Furthermore, people whose beard structure is poor may have Beard Transplant, not only those who do not have beard due to hereditary disease. Therefore, Beard Transplant can be done if the hair follicles are deficient.

Beard transplant can only be done after the doctor’s examination and approval in some diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and hepatitis.

If hair doesn’t grow in the face: You can see the lack of hair growth in one part of the face or the whole face. A factor that determines beard growth is the male testosterone hormone, also known as DHY. Such hormones, which begin with puberty and develop until 20-21, make the hair grow and densify. The beard may not grow if these hormones are lacking.

Trichorrhexis: Not only the beard but all of the body’s hair can drop off due to a skin disease. Tricorrhexis can cause voids in small or the whole beard in various areas of the beard. Stress, frustration, fear, depression, disappointment, and psychological issues lead to loss of hair. When the doctor’s recommended drugs did not treat these problems, the most effective way is Beard Transplant

Scars Of Wounds And Burns: There may be injuries and burns on the face after several accidents, and hair follicles may die in these areas, preventing the beard’s growth. You can get rid of these scars by doing Beard Transplant and get your beard back.

Intensity Or Reshape The Beard: Many beards may be light or without form. In such situations, it is possible to perform a Beard Transplant without compromising the natural appearance to increase the beard’s size or change its shape.

Before the operation, your doctor will examine the beard to determine whether you are appropriate for the Beard Transplant. You should not shave your beard before the surgery so that your doctor can see the healthy growth of your beard. During operation, blood tests are also performed to ensure your health. Before you do the process, there are a few critical things to consider:

  • A week before the treatment, aspirin, vitamins and blood transfusions should be avoided.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided a week before surgery. 
  • A small shirt should be worn, which you can easily take off on the day of service.
  • Before the treatment, you must tell your doctor about all the medications you are using.
  • Beard Transplantation is very sensitive as it is performed in the facial area. Therefore, it is very crucial to follow your doctor’s tips.

Process of Beard Transplant

Consultation: During the beard transplant procedure, the doctor performs the necessary tests and determine the donor area (backside of the head). There is no trace left in the body after the follicle has been collected. However, the intensity of the hair is reduced as much as it has been removed from the hair. In cases where the beard did not grow for any reason, the number of grafts is usually between 1000 and 3000 grafts in order to achieve good results.
FUE Technique
This procedure is made by FUE technique, which is also used in Hair Transplant. FUE, an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction, is the removal of hair follicles from the donor area one by one using a special technological tool and implanted in the beard area. This device has special round pins with diameter 0.7 and 0.8 mm. In the FUE technique, without any incision in the donor area, the follicles taken one by one are transferred to the beard area during the same day, taking into consideration the growth trend. The follicles that have been removed lose their function in the absence of oxygen, and when waiting for a long time cause they are considered alive. Therefore, the follicles should be implanted in the beard as soon as they are picked up.
Once a sufficient number of follicles have been collected, channels in the skin are opened from 0.6mm to 0.8 mm. Since there is no cut in the skin, there are no scars or wounds after the operation. Beard’s hair will grow unilaterally as it is implanted. Because the roots are mono-root, that’s why the picked follicles from the donor area must be separated during the operation.

Post-Surgery Instructions After Beard Transplant

Modern Beard Transplant technology enables quick and efficient results to be achieved. The patient does not have to stay in the hospital following the procedure. Because of blood clotting, patients will have red spots in the ducts, but this is temporary. Ten days are enough to close tubes and adjust follicles. We will wash your face on the third day of operation in the hospital. And, you will see the transplanted hair after washing. It is normal to see substantial beard loss on the second week of the operation. This is a totally natural process, and the beard is renovated and lasts for a long time after a short period of loss. The beard takes approximately 7-10 months to make its final form with proper care.


Most frequent questions and answers abour Beard Transplant

Price can vary depending on how many grafts you need. Please email us your beard photos to get a final price.

After the procedure, you should regularly use medicines and care products provided by your doctor. Do not touch the transplanted area and keep it away from the water until the first wash is done by your doctor to prevent infection.

Depending on the number of grafts cultivated, it usually takes around 4-6 hours.

You can have a beard transplant after at age 21.

You can go back to your normal life immediately, but take your doctor’s precautions into account.

Two weeks after surgery, shock falls occur. It takes about ten months for men to get a perfectly natural beard.

Beard Transplant does not have any side effects or risks.

You can start shaving eight days by scissors after the procedure. Many transplanted hairs typically fall two to three weeks which is natural as hairs start growing back four months later. Once the beard grows back, you can shave it regularly by the doctor’s approval.

Do not expose your beard to direct sunlight for the first 15 days after surgery and do heavy exercises. If you need to go out on sunny days, you should protect the cultivated area from the sun. Activities can start after 15 days.

The entire procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. There will be no pain during the process and, the doctor will give you painkillers in case of mild swelling that may occur after surgery.​


Stephen Street
Stephen Street

The level of service provided by your staff at Sule Hair was fantastic. The quality and expertise of the work is first class, and with great value for money and great communication from the first email to the after care service. Even 2000 miles away here in Northern Ireland people are talking about your clinic and the quality of your Hair transplants, and I will promote to colleagues, friends and family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2019
Paulo R Rodrigues
Paulo R Rodrigues

Topisssssima a melhor do mundo sem duvida fiz o procedimento com eles .Amei me deram toda a alto estima de volta não acredito que tem pessoas que não gostaram do seu procedimento ,só tenho a agradecer eles, são eternos pra mim agradeço todos os dias .E agradecerei para o resto da minha, vida amo vcs #sulehairtransplant .na cabeça e no coração.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2019
Daniel Mosselmans
Daniel Mosselmans

Die Klinik kann ich sehr empfehlen. Das Personal sowie Frau Sule selbst sind freundlich und hilfsbereit. Fragen werden im Vorfeld sowie während der Behandlungstage immer beantwortet. Es wird auch stets gefragt ob man noch welche hat. Von der Anreise bis zum Abflug wird man zeitnah informiert. Einzig die Betäubungsspritzen waren kein persönliches Highlight 🙂 Ich habe mich auf jeden Fall immer gut aufgehoben gefühlt.

Monday, November 25, 2019
mujtaba yusufi
Mujtaba Yusufi

When it comes to hair transplant there are so many options available in the market that makes the decision making very difficult. However, people’s reviews and their experience helped me make that final decision easily. Therefore, I am writing my personal opinion to help someone else who is exploring the market. The whole process, from the airport pickup to clinic drop off and the transplant process couldn’t be any better. Sule hair is a team of very professional and experienced individuals . From the time you walk in to the clinic until the whole process is done, they make you feel very welcome and make you feel you are in good hands throughout the process. I highly recommend this place for whoever is looking to do hair transplant. Good luck

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Armen Vardanyan
Armen Vardanyan

So fein ist die Klinik und so gut die Arbeit. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und glücklich. Man hat immer vor so ein Vorhaben jede Menge Bedenkenden und Ängste, allerdings so bald man bei Sule eintritt, bleibt davon keine Spur. So gut abgestimmt und organisiert, man hat gar kein Sorgen. Ich empfehle jedem Sule. Man kann kaum eine bessere Behandlung sich vorstellen.

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Chris Burrows
Chris Burrows

Just had hair transplant here from UK I had 5050 grafts and I am more than happy with the result and all the care given from this place they have made my dream a reality I could not recommend this place enough. Thank you SULE Hair!

Thursday, November 07, 2019
sascha wehrle
Sascha Wehrle

Hatte lange rechachiert und mich am Ende für Sule Hair entschieden. Das war die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens. Die Klinik, das Personal und der ganze Ablauf war einfach nur Top!!! Dafür reichen die Sterne nicht aus. Das Hotel ist der Hammer 👍 Ich kann nur sagen, wenn ihr mit dem Gedanken einer Haartransplantation spielt und ihr euch für die Türkei entscheidet, was die Erfahrung und den Preis betrifft unschlagbar, dann würde ich euch Sule Hair ans Herz legen... Gerne könnt ihr auf Facebook auch der Gruppe "Haartransplantation Erfahrungen Tipps und Neuheiten" beitreten. Dann wisst ihr das ihr bei Sule nichts falsch macht. Ebenso könnt ihr meinen weiteren Verlauf und den vieler anderer beobachten. Vielen Dank an das ganze Sule Team!!!

Thursday, November 07, 2019

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