P.R.P. Treatment is applied to stop hair shedding and boost your weak hair roots.

Feed your hair with your own blood!  PRP is hundred percent natural and its effect changes depending on the clinic.

Your blood is ready to take you to the past. PRP is abbreviated name of treatment method called "Platelet Rich Plasma-enriched plasma application. Recently, with P.R.P. therapy your hair roots that tend to die and your weak hair strands will revive and your hair will regain its former health. 8-10 cc of blood is taken into small tubes with a special gel and is then centrifuged. At the end of this process the blood in the tubes is separated into blood components where every milliliter of this blood containing about 200,000 platelets is separated from the red cells. By this way, a gel having platelet concentration of up to 1.5 million milliliters is obtained. This is called PRP.

Platelets have functions related to blood coagulation. And at the same time they secrete the growth factors that make it possible to heal a tissue damage. Therefore, the PRP obtained from the blood, which is applied during the centrifugation process, in other words, the rich part in terms of platelet is applied to the desired area by the mesotherapy method. Thus, the natural growth factors that will reverse the effects of damage or aging in the tissues are given to the desired region. A total of 30 minutes, this process does not produce a slight pain and traces.

The practitioner can instantly return to his normal life. PRP can be done 3-4 sessions with 15 days break. After 8-10 months, another 3 to 4 sessions of cure is done. Now you will begin to see the difference between you and your peers.