This list of instructions is intended to prepare you for your surgical procedure. For optimal results, please follow these instructions carefully.

Discontinue use of vitamins, aspirin, ibuprofen or any arthritis medication, seven days prior to and three days after your surgical procedure. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is acceptable for use. If you are in doubt concerning the use of a particular medication, please consult the office.

No alcoholic beverages for seven days prior to your procedure. Alcohol can cause excessive bleeding which can make the surgical procedure more difficult.

A normal night’s sleep is recommended the night before the procedure.

It is recommended that you eat a normal breakfast or lunch prior to your procedure. Nausea and/or a faint feeling may result if the surgical procedure is performed on a patient with an empty stomach.

Wash and dry your hair on the morning of the procedure. Do not use hair spray the day of the procedure. Please wear a button-down shirt.

Due to the busy schedule we keep, we ask that you please inform us AT LEAST THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE if you cannot keep your surgical appointment.